Air Purification Technology Can Help You to Get Back to Business

Government guidelines recommend that air purification technology is used in areas where maintaining adequate ventilation is not possible or practical in order to reduce the spread of transmissible illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Professional air purification units can aid in eliminating harmful pathogens and contaminants from the atmosphere and are considered one of the key methods in reducing the risk of an outbreak in office, educational, retail and medical environments. 

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Understanding HEPA Air Filters
HEPA is an acronym for highly efficient particulate air which is most commonly seen in the air purification industry in the form of air purification filters. These are used to clean and extract harmful particulates from the surrounding environment. To...
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The Benefits of Air Purification in Dentistry
With Covid-19 being mainly an airborne contracted virus, working directly in the patients' mouth exposes dentists to a concentrated threat that they spend their whole day around.  Throughout the year, the mitigation of Covid has changed and whilst you should...
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